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March 2022

Spring Into Action!

Every March, we all start looking forward to the luscious green environment and longer days here in Montana. This change in season motivates us to clean, remodel and change things up after a long winter. Springtime is also the season for getting your home on the market if that’s your goal in the coming months. Remodeling and listing your home go hand in hand. The question becomes, which features of your home should you focus on that will maximize your returns? Below, you’ll find two helpful articles to start the sprucing up process with a clearer mind.

Remodeling 101: Simple steps to follow and think about when renovating to sell. 

DIY Projects: This article takes you through some easy projects to tackle to make your home sparkle. There are little tips and tricks in here that may seem obvious but really do help tremendously when putting your house on display. 

There is a vast amount of resources out there to aid with the remodeling process. If you’re feeling stuck or want some advice, give me a call! I’ve been in this business a long time and can recommend a contractor or service you may need. Or, I can simply brainstorm ideas with you. 

Happy spring cleaning! 

-Dianne Click